Customising Options

Create a totally unique look for your event with these extra touches.


Personalised Cups

  • Customise cups with your logo using a branded hand stamp or stickers. A great option for weddings or business advertising.

  1. Send us your logo via email. We will create a rubber stamp or stickers to brand your cups.

  2. Supply us with a logo rubber stamp that you may already have.


  • We can create a custom stamp for your event... your names or event name, event date, initials, a short quote or picture from our selection - so many options!

* Additional cost, high quality image must be supplied.


Branding the Tricycle

Make a real impact by adding your wedding, event or company logo to the Icicle Tricycle freezer. 

Provide an image of choice and we will arrange for a decal to be attached to the blank plywood side of the freezer, making this unique service standout at your event. Alternatively, a full board can be attached.

You may even have your own branded umbrella or additional signage to add - we are happy to discuss these to see if they are suitable.

* Additional cost. High quality image must be supplied.

GK Events Hire Icicle Tricycle Flavours

Create your own gelato flavour

Do you have an new or unique flavour in mind? Maybe you have ingredients special to your family or business? Work with Gelato Roma to make a Signature Flavour/Recipe that will be remembered.

* Additional time and cost.


Choose from either of our quality umbrellas to create a totally different look at your event - monochrome or rainbow. 

* Included.


Carrier basket

To personalise the Icicle Tricycle choose from one of our two baskets - plywood or wicker.

* Included.

Icicle Tricycle Custom Chalkboard Menu

Chalkboard Menu

A custom chalkboard will be created to share your flavour choices and some details from the event. (e.g. names/business, event date, flavour choices, a short quote)

* Included.